San Andreas the rockstar hit

Grand Theft Auto, three words that make a shiver to run through our backbone and our mind is filled with lots of memories of which is perhaps the most importantseries in the history of video games. Today I speak of it, or rather have to talk about one of the most important titles of the franchise and we could even say that prequel to you or the father of GTA V, me today speak of GTA San Andreas.


Already almost nine years since the game was released for PS2, specifically couldstart the legendary console from Sony to enjoy the adventures of CJ on October 26, 2004, but later the game was reaching almost all imaginable platforms: PC, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3 and Mac. Much time has passed since then and the first thing I have to say is that when I have started to play the game PC version to refresh my memory and write these I found that GTA San Andreas has aged very well in all aspects, both graphic and playable.
But that is not important right now, it is essential to remember that she was so special to this so award-winning installment of GTA and the truth is that it is not easy to say, GTA San Andreas has so many features that we would have to write a Bible,for this reason, it is better to place ourselves in the time and know that we came from a GTA III that revolutionized the industry and foundations of a GTA Vice City that engaged in own and strange thanks no doubt to the charisma of its main character Tommy Vercetti, so the ballot who played San Andreas was not easy and many people by one then wondered, how to improve the unbeatable?
Rockstar answer was simple, give much more of what they had given so far, first of all, getting the game on a map so large that no one imagined to do something as broad as possible. We could take a huge city, called saints, other two somewhatsmaller cities, much much but much field and some other town or location lost in oblivion. All of this was incredible and more in a PS2 which had come to its technological roof long ago, so this monstrosity of map escaped to the imagination of most of the Terrans.


But this map would not serve anything if not adorned with a lot of inhabitants, crazy drivers, side missions and “cultural” activities such as going to eat a pizza, going out to conquer any girl, participate in car racing or compete in the tournaments ofshot of the mythical Ammu-Nation stores scattered throughout all the cities. Here you can get the gta san andreas apk.
Another aspect that differentiate this GTA of the rest was all the possibilities for customization of the main character, CJ, which had characteristics to the purest styleof role-playing games that determined the amount of time that could run, the power of his punches when he fought melee, his ability of driving… To increase these features what we had to do, mainly, was to train them noses, for example, the more condujéramos a bike faster we would win the skill of driving with this vehicle, allvery logical go, but the funniest thing was that some of these features were aesthetically affecting our character, we could do that CJ would get over it that Van Damme Lord if we were going to do weights every day to the gym or we could make aactions more classic and fun of GTA San Andreas, which was the Prime it with all kinds of food waste so that put is fat as a seal.
Let us now of secondary activities and small details, albeit ultimately that make big GTA and we move on to the three most important aspects of any game, the graphics, story and sound or the soundtrack.
In terms of graphics already I have spoken a bit when I have stopped to tell you how amazing was to see a so great on PS2 map at that time. Unfortunately, the textures of the characters and vehicles is not to be anything of this world, but to find us so much life on the stages, so many people, so many vehicles left look at this small bug with bad eyes and turned in an almost endearing part of the game.

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