Get Clash Royale gems without cost

After the success of Clash of Clans, a few months ago Supercell launched Clash Royale, a game that will recover the spirit of these villages and their inhabitants rather than moved to the world of letters. In different scenarios, the arenas, going to duty play your letters best that the opponent to conquer their towers and defeat it. It is more exciting, especially if you play with your friends face to face. The sprints are inescapable, and the best way to get new cards is opening chests you get after each game with gums up.

Get gems of Clash Royale free

Fortunately no need to win to take a chest, but it is also true that if you win Clash Royale you respond with more chests, or with more essential chests. As the arena in which play the chest will have increased either lower level, and its contents also. The content of the chests is a mystery, and you’ll must wait between three and twelve hours to find out. A period that tested the patience of players Clash Royale, and that can drastically shorten thanks, of course, to the gems.

How to use gems Clash Royale

Each player is a planet. There are who prefers use them gems to open the chests, while to the end and to the dessert in certain there are more gems; on the other hand, other players prefer to wait until it completes the time, leave the chest opens only and use the gems to serve us an example, to acquire more chests. Not you are going to advise any of them 2 options, decide as spend your gems, more that you will have of what form achieve gems without passing by box: of the hand of Gums Up.

Gems Clash Royale without cost with Gums Up

Gums Up is one of those applications that we pay to use them. You can download it free of charge from the Google Play Store or the app Store on your smarphone and your tablet, and the goal is to win each and every one of the gums that you can then move remains points for rewards that Gums Up offers us. Among these awards are the gems, more also cards for these 2 platforms or money of Paypal with which can achieve the gems. That Yes, already before start to win gums must register you and activate your account.

Now you can begin to add gums. To do this, see to win gums and you will be shown a menu with all and each one of the options that you have to do it, from watch videos or just answer surveys to other applications that Gums Up offers us. Next to each action you’ll see a description with what you must do to take the gums. In addition to this, each friend that invites will bring five hundred gums of gift. When have sufficient gums ves to gifts and change them for the reward that prefer to win them gems of Clash Royale.

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