Card of prepayment

There was a season in which practically every week walked down to the kiosk or tight to buy us the prepaid Vodafone, Movistar or even entertaining card for your mobile phone. The rates for contract soon imposed to the prepayment, and while today still exist their use is quite rare. In Gums Up you can get your money!But that landing in all manner of commercial surfaces prepaid cards did more different businesses, from banks to games for video game consoles, or clothing stores, launched its prepaid card.

Paypal card

This prepaid card is a gift in any situations. When we don’t know what gift to someone you know their tastes and their favorite shops gift card always and at all times it will be a good solution. You save warm up the head too, and surely that choose anything you like. For invisible friends also is good choice, since finding different values prepaid cards you make sure not to get out of the budget. The most attractive is that up to the games have pointed to this trend, and we find up to a WOW prepaid card.

Prepaid PayPal card

An of the cards of prepaid more interesting that find is it’s Paypal. It is a virtual prepaid card that you can use to pay for your purchases online via Paypal. And if you want to achieve without cost, Gums Up is your solution. Gums Up is an application that you can download free of charge in your Smartphone or tablet from the app Store and the Google Play Store and literally pays us by using it. The only thing you have to do is make each and every one of the gums as you can and move them by prepaid cards such as the Paypal.

Paypal prepaid cards

Gums Up is a very intuitive application, and to win gums only thing you need to do is to go to the section WINS gums of app and beyond to select how you want to get them: using other applications, watching videos, participating in surveys, inviting your friends… Next to each action appear the number of gums you will wear and a brief description with instructions to continue to be yours. Once you have enough gums it is enough to go to gifts and move them by Paypal balance to reload your card Paypal.

Orange prepaid card

Apart from Paypal, also you can cards from prepaid to Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, the app Store, Steam, Xbox Live, Play Station Network… Its operation is similar to the of them cards prepaid of them companies of telephony. You need only an account on the platform for which you’ve achieved the prepaid card. In it you’ll must enter the code of the card to transfer its value to your account, and since then you will be able to use the money you’ve achieved in Gums Up for your purchases.

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