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At this stage, it is difficult to write anything new about the situation of the war shooter in the video game industry, with sagas such as ‘Call of Duty’ or ‘Battlefield’ which traditionally become the greatest successes of sales of the year. The money callsto money, and if this genre is claimed more currently for the users, it is logical thatcompanies decide to invest in numerous titles of the same suit. Then come the overruns, but that does not matter as profitability has been achieved.

That does not mean that the genre is new or much less; We just have to go back afew years in the past to recall legendary sagas which today have been a little forgotten. With the intention of returning the FPS to those old days many remember with nostalgia, Valve is working in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ‘, the new chapterof a franchise that needs no introduction.

Everything about preparing this company is always deserving of our attention, butin this particular case I think that no one should ignore a similar return. If you think,let’s take a few minutes to review everything you need to know about the new ‘Conter-Strike’.

It was the year 1999 and the community of players around ‘Half-life’ was in full effervescence creating mods of all kinds, they took advantage of the original base ofValve to develop alternative proposals. Among all of them, which no doubt got more popularity was ‘Counter-strike’.

Aware of the potential that locked up this modification, Valve had the good senseto bet on its development with commercial objectives, and time given reason to exceed 25 million copies sold. Over time they were getting different revisions, but the 1.6 version of the initial project has been maintained as a standard that still hasmillions of active players.

The goal of Valve with ‘Global Offensive’ is very clear: preserve the old charm of that version 1.6, but pulling the latest evolution of the fireproof Source engine for a timely tune-up. In this way it aims to combine players who remain hooked to the “Counter always” and the younger users that they may require a more attractive environment to feel attracted.

It is clear that this title does not seek to offer no revolution playable, focusing primarily on preserving the broad lines of the original, but that does not mean it will become devoid of news. We will again have two factions opposing, terrorism and counter-terrorism, disputing objectives that vary depending on the map: points forpumps, hostage-taking and the new mode called Arsenal. If you are interested in Counter Strike: Global Offensive Stem Key you may check the link.

The development of games will be that we all know already, with rounds relativelyshort where the dead will have to wait until one of the two teams complete their objective to return to action. With each new round, it will be when you buy our equipment, a section where we will see enough news thanks to an assortment of fire that is being balanced to maximize and where incorporated new weapons and objects such as Molotov cocktail or lure grenades.

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